Chimneys, Fireplaces and Wood Stoves in Barrie: Shamrock Chimney Service

Just like with many other features of your home, stoves, chimneys and fireplaces have to be maintained to ensure they are working at full capacity. If you are having issues with clogged flues, eroding masonry or malfunctioning wood stoves in Barrie or the surrounding areas, Shamrock Chimney Service can help. Not only are issues like these an inconvenience but they can also be dangerous as well, especially during the winter time. Shamrock Chimney Service is owned and operated by Ian Richardson, a trained and certified technician who can handle all your stove and fireplace installations, repairs, masonry projects and more. Our main services include:

  • Wood stoves: refinishing, repairs and chimney building 
  • New and used sales of Canadian-made wood stoves and fireplaces 
  • Masonry restoration
  • Construction, tear down and rebuilding of chimneys/fireplaces 
  • Chimney relining (stainless steel and masonry cast-in-place) 
  • Installations

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